Is Flipping Houses Still Profitable

Recently, flipping homes have become an even more popular phenomenon that it previously had been. When you are flipping homes, you get gratification instantly. Between the TV shows and the increase in people wanting to jump on the bandwagon, flipping homes have become increasingly more prevalent. Every investor is going to have their own opinion on whether flipping houses is still profitable. It is definitely still profitable for you to flip houses, however, you need to know what you are getting yourself into. To be profitable you need to understand the financials of what price to buy a home, how much will the rehab cost and what can I get for it when I sell. These are the keys to being successful in flipping houses.

What is really nice about flipping homes is that unlike say the stock market, real estate is predictable and it’s not going to change in the way that the stock market does. It isn’t as easy as buying a cheap house at an auction, fixing a few things, and making a huge profit within a few months. It takes extra cash, a knack for remodeling, and hard work and dedication. Here are some insights into the pros and cons of flipping houses, and some tips in general.

More Flippers

Compared to ten years ago, there are is a lot more people, businesses, and corporations who have started flipping homes. The more flippers, the fewer homes for each individual. This isn’t to say that you won’t make an extra buck, you just might not make as much as you could have years ago.

Since the commercialization and the prevalence of social media and TV, many people want to start flipping homes. They watch Flip or Flop and try to figure out how they too can make some extra cash.

The key to how to get over this hurdle is to simply learn how to be better at rehabbing, buying cheap and selling rehabbed homes than your competitor. You can do it and make a profit, it just takes time, energy, and dedication.

Higher prices

The prices to buy houses have significantly increased in the past decade, making it a lot harder to profit when you have to pay so much in the first place. If you sell it for a decent amount higher than the overall amount of money spent fixing the house, you’re still going to profit and benefit, but the problem is the initial act of buying the home.

When flipping homes, people used to buy the home with cash because of how small of an amount they could get a house at an auction, bank owned or foreclosure. Nowadays, people may even finance a house to buy it and flip it due to the higher prices. Financing through hard money lender or private money will cost points plus a higher percentage rate. To learn more on financing check out can you flip a house with no money?

Not only are the prices for houses higher, but the prices to fix and renovate have also risen, making the overall product a much more expensive task than it used to be.

You have to start with money

The main issue for some people who are interested in flipping homes is that you have to have a large chunk of cash to start with. If you don’t have money, to begin with, to be able to purchase the first few homes and have the money to put the work into them, you won’t be able to flip homes very well.

You also need to be prepared in case something doesn’t work out the way that you think, and you’re in the hole. It is taking a risk and chance that could potentially be worth it. You just have to be willing to take the risk honestly.

You could purchase a home that has several issues that you didn’t realize that you would have to pay for and fix. You could purchase a home that has a $30,000 sewage problem that was hidden from you. At this point, you would have to either have the extra money and try to make up for it or find some alternate solution.

These are the kinds of things that you have to realize and be totally prepared for before taking on this endeavor. Make sure you thoroughly do the math before you get involved. Plan out exactly how much everything is going to cost.

You should have a contingency fund when mapping out the financing for flipping. Worst case if you buy cheap enough and you run it to major cost overages it will just cut into your profit. Just as long as you don’t lose money then consider it a lesson learned.

Aim for the lower priced houses in the nicer neighborhoods

A good way to get started is to start looking for the cheapest houses that you can find that are actually decent houses in nice neighborhoods. Neighborhoods have a huge effect on why people choose to buy homes. Think about it, would you rather have a perfect home in a crappier neighborhood or a decent home in a great neighborhood for your children.

It’s all about the economic standpoint really.

There are many factors that you need to realize have an effect on whether someone is going to buy a home. Study these and know what you are looking for when purchasing a home to flip. Pay attention to backyards, busy streets, neighborhoods, schools in the area, etc. This may sound like common sense, but you would be surprised how many good homes don’t sell because of small reasons like that.

You must make sure the neighborhoods you are targeting are owner occupant homes not a ton of rentals. You need to stay away from rental areas. Unless your buying to renovate and make the home a rental for you to keep.

More competitors

I touched on this earlier, but there are now more people flipping homes, which means more competitors. Many people jumped on the bandwagon to earn some extra cash. It is important to look at your competitors and try to be better than them.

It is also important to get good homes before they do.

The key is marketing, marketing and marketing. The more your name is out there that you have cash and can close quickly. The more deals you will have in the pipeline to keep the houses coming to flip. If you get too many deals wholesale some to other flippers you know for a cool $3,000 to $10,000 wholesale profit.

As long as you realize that there are many others going up against you and you are prepared for that, you should be fine. You need a marketing program to really get ahead of the competition. Check out our article finding homes to flip for profit to learn more on how to find deals.

Publicity selling homes

Publicity of flipping homes is the main reason that it is so prevalent today. Social media and television have large impacts on fads and hobbies that people start picking up. But, you can also use publicity to your benefit.

Use a social media platform like Instagram or Twitter to share pictures of the work that you are doing on flipping homes. If you get a following on social media, it will increase your chances of having buyers. Publicity can be your best friend and can help you gain so many customers. Having a good social media platform could end up getting you on the next house flipping TV show and then you would really be making some extra cash.

You should enjoy It

In all reality, if you are simply doing this to become rich or make some extra cash, you might not do as well as others who really enjoy it. When you really enjoy something, you are more passionate about it and you work harder at it.

Someone who has a passion for reconstructing homes will always do better than you if you are just in it for extra cash. Just make sure you enjoy what you do.


It is important to be knowledgeable about this subject before getting involved. Also, if there are things that you are already knowledgeable about and capable of doing yourself, you will save lots of money. Compared to your competitors you will be making more money because you are fixing and renovating things that they are paying others to do.

The more research, planning, and knowledge that you have, the more successful you are going to be. Don’t go in blind to any aspect that is involved with flipping homes.

You can beat your competitors simply be being more knowledgeable and making better decisions. It is all about the numbers and how well you are at planning how to spend the least and make the most. Just remember that knowledge is power. Make sure that you don’t get purchase fever and just buy the first house that you find.

Take the time to find the best most reasonably priced house because it will benefit you in the end. Many wealthy people who start doing this often make the mistake of overpaying for the houses and then they do not make a very good profit.

The key to flipping a home is to buy at the right price. Check out our formula on how much you should spend to buy a home to flip. The article is what is the 70 rule in house flipping and financial formula for flipping a house.

Overall it is important to realize that you can profit from flipping a house as long as you are doing all the right things and have some extra cash in case things don’t go as planned. Once you are very knowledgeable about the subject and you work hard at it, you will see lots of profit.

It’s all about what the house buyer will want and where the best places to buy houses are in your city. It’s also about what customers are looking for in a house.

You can take an online course like we offer for flipping homes or buy a course to get sent to you. I started flipping homes by buying these courses that these professional flippers would sell. They were very beneficial to me learning the business. Many people pay a ton of money to go to college and this is just getting educated by buying a course of someone that has been doing it.


Once you start figuring out the best places to buy, and the best ways to renovate, you will become successful. If you aren’t willing to put in the money and the work that house flipping entails, then I wouldn’t do it. The only way to know if this business is for you is to buy your first home and just get it done. Focus on what the customer wants and you’ll be a successful house flipper.

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